Greg & Team,

I just wanted to send you a note to say "Thank you" for all you were able to do in helping my father, David Holland, put together his Video Biography. This was by far the best gift I have ever received from my Dad. I don't think any of us ever knew how much this would mean to not only us as his children, but to his grandchildren as well.

As you know, my father is battling terminal cancer. Although we are all optimistic that the doctors will be able to prolong his life, we can't say for sure how long he has with us before the Lord calls him home. It is in this frame of mind that my father entered into the whole idea of doing a life-story video. The result, however, was far more than a video summary of his life. I love sitting down in my quiet time and watching my Dad sitting on his couch talking to me about his memories of his childhood and his parents. Although I had heard some bits and pieces of a few of these memories, it was wonderful to be able to sit quietly and listen to him and see pictures of people and places I had never seen before.

My father is a big part of who I am. Although I would love for him to be around for many years to my own children can experience this wonderful man/grandfather for themselves, the chances of that are very uncertain. This video is now a way that I can share my father over and over again with my children as they grow up, because he too is a part of who they are.

I know that my Dad struggled with the cost and time involved before he committed to going ahead with the project, but my family is so happy that he was able to give us this incredible gift that will last a lifetime. I now not only have my own memories of my Dad, I also have this video of my Dad sharing things with me that he felt were important for me to know and understand about his life, family, faith and desires for all of us.

I can't say THANK YOU enough. May God bless you and your family. I pray that you can continue to reach out to others and make this blessing happen for them. In God's Love, Jane Holland Gibson

Fred & Janell R. for Colin Quiney (Grand Rapids, MI)

Video Biography Team,

I want to tell you and all of those who helped how pleased we are with our Video Biography. It surpassed our every expectation.

It may be worth recalling how we came to do this project. I have always felt a need to connect with the past. My father died when I was 19 and I have only the faintest memory of one grandparent–the others died before I was born. I remember standing over my father's casket, realizing my chance to know him was gone forever, and resolving that my children and grandchildren would know me. After our children married and we bacame familiar with wedding videos and how valuable they are a family documents, I kept thinking how nice it would be if we could find someone to come into our home and let Marianne and me walk through the house and talk on tape about all of our mementos and things we have picked up in our travels. It was while I was in this state of mind that I heard of your enterprise... and the rest is history.

Marianne and I are waiting to give the children their copies at Christmas, but we have watched it time and again and are thrilled on each occasion. The images are sharp, the lighting perfect, the sound crystal clear, and the editing seamless. Especially gratifying is your use of archival photos and music to bring depth and emotion to the story. I can't imagine how it could be better.

I'd give almost anything I have to posess such a document from my mother and father.

Thank you to you and all of those who labored behind the scenes to make this possible. We think it one of the better things we've done in our 35 years of marriage. Sincerely yours, Tom McConnell

P.S. The presentation box with my Dad's video biography just arrived in time for my flight to visit my Dad tomorrow morning. Thank you so much for getting it to me on time, as promised. Beyond that, I wanted to offer my deepest gratitude for an absolutely great job from you and your staff. I have never dealt with more accomodating people that have made such an undertaking a truly pleasurable experience.

Please express my thanks to John for all his help up front; to Doug for doing a fantastic job in editing the biography; and a special thanks to you for maintaining the client relationship so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a great and wonderful holiday!

Kindest personal regards, David S. Wallenstein

Hello Greg,

I can’t wait to share with you the response to my Video Biography.

A year ago we had lunch and I committed to do my Visual Biography. I must confess that I went into this process with more than a little fear. Why? Because I was doing all this under cover… without my family knowing anything about it.

My plan was to leave a love letter and my Video Biography in my safety deposit box as a surprise upon my death. After the movie was completed, you encouraged me to not follow that plan. You suggested that I give it to my precious wife, Lynn, as a private gift this Christmas.

The results were more than I could have ever imagined! She and I wept together in one of the most intimate moments of our married life. Celebrating 50 years of marriage and family is no small matter.

Lynn felt that we should have dinner with each of our 3 children and their families separately to share the Video Biography. After these dinners, we both realized that we had made an investment of immeasurable worth. The kids could not believe we had gone to such efforts to share our love with them.

Having worked with thousands of families at my business over the last 40 years, I know the value of planning for the future. The Video Biography Company is helping people leaving their oral legacy to future generations. I appreciate your passion. I appreciate most your patience in helping me do what I could have NEVER done on my own.

I commit to tell others of your wonderful service. Words can’t express my appreciation to you and your most talented staff.

Blessings, A. Angel


Kay and I would like to thank you for our Biography. We weren't sure how the process worked or what to expect form the final product but we are grateful we chose you to produce what will be a family treausre for generations to come.

I often regret that I cannot "hear" my father or have even the faintest idea of what my grandparents lives were like, what they lived through, or how they met.

Telling our story on DVD allows to pass on to our children, our granchildren and our yet to be great grandchildren what we mean to each other. As well as the history that we know about our family heritage and our hopes and dreams we have for each of them.

Your crew was extremely professional, but even more important, extremely caring. It's not easy opening up to someone you don't know but your team make it very comfortable. From the filming to the editing we rate the process A+++. The final DVD is more than we ever expected. And, to top it off, your presentation of the DVD's speaks to the professionalism of your organization.

Greg, the Video Biography Company is special. When I first heard of the concept I had no idea it would mean as much as it does to us. You have honored our family by creating a means to save and share memories that led us to become who we are.

Thank You, K. & W. Ivie.

Greg, I am calling you today to say Thanks You again for the excelled job you did in producing my Video Biography… 20 years ago. I am now 87 years.

I consider this one of the best investments I have every made. It is still paying rich dividends. Let me give you an example:

This month, I had a great niece that was doing geology work and discovered the movie. It connected her with her past in a way that touched her heart.

Arnold Kriegler Dallas, Texas

Jo Anna and I have been extremely pleased with our video biography. Greg Vaughn and his staff made the filming easy and natural. The quality of the presentation, the integration of the many family photos, and the overall presentation has been well worth the cost. We feel this will bless our family and family to come for a long time.

Dr. Carl Couch