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About Us

Greg Vaughn is an Emmy Award winning producer with over 40 years of experience. His passion for preserving family heritage and commitment to quality film-making grew into the desire to create a strong and lasting legacy for his own children as well as others.

He is a specialist in producing inspirational and educational materials all over the world. His Emmy Award winning "In Search of the Heroes" collection is enjoyed each year by over 4 million children in schools and libraries everywhere. His greatest joys are not in the many professional organizations he serves, but as the father of seven and husband to wife, Carolyn.

The VIDEO BIOGRAPHIES he creates will become family keepsakes passed from generation to generation, carrying the rich history, wisdom, hopes, and dreams of generations past to generations present, and those yet to come.

Every major newspaper in the country has published stories about these Greg Vaughn productions and the prestige of the Video Biography Company continues to grow.

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