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Biography Options


Most people have very good intentions about preserving their family history. We store away photos and old video footage. We may even take some time to write down some of the stories and significant times and dates. Bottom Line: 99% never finish the task. It's overwhelming and most do not have the expertise or tools to do the kind of job that really needs to be done. What would it be worth to you to have your Great-Great Grandmother telling you her story, in her words, in HD color? PRICELESS! We hear it all the time. Have your history, or the story of someone you love, put in a digitaized format that will be preserved for generations to come. A Life Worth Living is a Story Worth Telling. Call 800-527-4014 x0 today for more information.


At times, the full story involves more than one person. Preserving family heritage may involve multiple people and will need two or more interviews. In this case, The Video Biography Company is set up to interview anyone needed to get the complete picture. Anywhere from two to twenty interviews can be packaged together to create a masterpiece that is interwoven with photos, archival footage, and dynamic music. Ask about the Family Package option. Call 800-527-4014 x0 today for more information.


The Video Biography Company also specializes in capturing the compelling stories of how companies were founded. The WatchGuard Company, Hodges Capitial Management, East-West Ministries, Barrow Energy & Petroleum, Ivie Marketing, and The Dallas Black Dance Theatre are just a few of the corporations that have asked us to help them in preserving their history and honoring those that have sacrificed so much to make them what they are today. These stories inspire thousands to have pride in their organization and the company brand. Call 800-527-4014 x0 for more information.